Addressing the complex financial challenges, which accompany stressed, distressed and special situations, is not a one size fits all solution. Amid the uncertainty, stakeholders must make informed decisions to address the current issues.

We provide hands-on support to stakeholders to assist in the decision-making process through all phases of the restructuring process. The support may be advisory or involve taking executive roles, interim management roles and/or Board appointments.

Financial Restructuring

We have a broad range of experience advising and assisting clients with:

Operational Restructuring

Operational restructuring aims to assist corporates that are facing financial stress identify and implement operational improvements to drive rapid change and deliver improvements in working capital, EBITDA and enterprise value.

We work closely with management and have a broad range of experience advising and assisting clients with:

Capital Raising

We assist client’s structure and execute bespoke financing solutions to meet short term liquidity requirements, raise capital to unlock shareholder value or meet growth objectives. Our funding sources include banks, private equity funds, credit funds, distressed and special situation funds and strategic investors.

We have a broad range of experience advising and assisting clients in the following situations:

Accelerated M&A and Distressed Asset Sales

We assist clients when a corporate facing stress / distress has decided or in consultation with its lenders decided to sell selected non-core assets or the entire company to alleviate cash flow or debt repayment issues or when a corporate seeks to sell non-core assets to unlock value or raise capital to fund growth objectives.

We have a broad range of experience advising and assisting clients with the following:

Expert Testimony

We assist clients by providing expert restructuring and valuation testimony for use by the Court, for private arbitration / mediation proceedings, M&A or financial reporting.


The appointment of restructuring professionals to executive and interim management roles (e.g. CRO, interim CEO and interim CFO) and/or Board appointments of corporates facing financial stress is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the financial restructuring process.

We have professionals with the necessary experience and track record of leadership to take board, executive and interim management appointments into corporates, which are entering into a restructuring process, being restructured or exiting a restructuring process. We are independent, provide an additional resource so that management can focus on the running the business and have relationships with key players and lenders in the restructuring market.

We also place restructuring professionals onto the Board (or into other executive and interim management roles) on behalf of creditors and investors to monitor and protect their investments.

Formal Appointments

We provide a full suite of insolvency services to creditors, directors and shareholders and have capabilities to take appointments as liquidators or receivers.